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The passionately-crafted menu reflects a synthesis of French and South African cuisines, with an exciting new Argentinian twist. Manna’s chef, for example, has reinterpreted the Argentinian chimichurri meat marinade as a fresh, versatile sauce for meat. One also notices a distinct focus on the main dish which is left uninterrupted by the usual distracting garnishes. Instead, guests can curate their very own taste experiences by choosing from an array of side dishes such as the chef’s favourite: tender organic baby carrots, sweetened by the delicate buchu herb – indigenous to the Western Cape.

Manna Epicure is the epitome of exquisite fine dining, with an emphasis on authenticity of cuisine, beautiful styling and impeccable hospitality

Manna exclusively uses Chalmer beef – a very special and hard-to-find beef which is rated higher in quality than both Karan and Sparta beef; it is also ethically farmed and Halaal. The chef expertly ages the beef an additional four weeks to the original two. 
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‘I always say, “Lay the table with a fork and spoon,” because the Chalmer beef is so tender!’

About us

In the glamorously frenetic world of London hospitality, two extraordinarily different souls came together to cause a delicious, dynamic fusion of the most chic French flair with a rustic South African approach to experimental food science and a passion for conjuring new combinations of world flavours – all underpinned by classic French styling and a commitment to authenticity.
Hailing from the French island of Corsica, Agnes personifies all that is sophisticated, delightful and elegant. She gives her guests, not simply a gastronomic adventure, but an exquisite experience for all the senses that linger long after the last mouthful, exemplifying her maxim that service should not only be efficient, but delivered with impeccable heart and style.
Jonny finds his roots deep in the soil of Citrusdal: a boere-seuntjie with international experience, a thirst for knowledge and unendlingly delighted by blending South African, French and Argentinian flavours. Inspired principally by Argentinian cuisine and the acclaimed food scientist, Harold McGee, Jonny uses physics, passion and sheer creativity to bring truly heavenly gourmet to the Manna table.


Dinner Menu

To start your meal

Cream of slow roast tomato soup   40
served with freshly baked artisan bread.
Panko crusted calamari     45
crisp fried calamari with pink tartare sauce.
Panko crusted braised pork cigare & chicken lollie       50
Crusted braised pork  and chicken lollie with chimmichurri mayo
Persillade crusted snails  55
garlic snails cup with persillade crust.
Tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad (v)  55
locally grown tomatoes,  buffalo mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic glaze.
Classic steak tartare  55
hand chopped chalmar beef fillet, classic condiments and manna melba toast.
Skaap stertjies  55
Braised sheep’s tails with chimmichurri sauce.
Whole baked camembert  (for 2) (v)  70
cooked in white wine & thyme, served with manna ciabatta.
 Smoked salmon trout salad   75
red onions, lemon and wild rocket leaves.
Sautéed king prawns   85
with chorizo, garlic and lemon served with manna ciabatta.
Mediterranean meat platter ( for 2)    110 
selection of cured meat, parmesan, mature cheddar, mild goat cheese, blue cheese,
pickles, purple fig, baby leaves and toasted ciabatta bread.
main courses
Homemade tartlet baked to order  (v)  70 
mushrooms, caramelised onions and parmesan cheese served with baby leaves salad.
Pan roasted chicken breast   85
sautéed spinach, boegoe carrots, truffle and wild mushroom sauce.
Classic fish and chips   95
zesty peas and pink tartare sauce.
Pan roasted salmon trout  125
sautéed baby spinach, red pepper and sundried tomato pesto.
Pasta of the day  85
Homemade tagliatelle tossed with the chef’s choice of the day.
Moules frites  95
Shelled mussels, cooked in white wine, shallots, garlic and parsley, served with chips.
4  quail breasts  90
grilled to order.
Baby rack of lamb    150
grilled with chimichurri.
Chateaubriand (for 2)     275
onion rings, baby leaves salad , hand cut chips and béarnaise sauce .

The burgers
Classic epicure beef burger.     60
200g homemade patty, onion rings on homemade burger bun.
Die sitrus chicken and avocado burger.     70
grilled breast, fresh avocado, classic garnish on homemade burger bun.
Fish burger     90
pan roasted fish of the day served with all the trimmings on homemade ciabatta buns.
add burger toppings:
mozzarella/bacon/free range egg    10ea
Avocado (out of season)

The braai
all our steaks are grilled to your taste with chimmichurri basting.
Fillet 200g   115
chalmar beef, aged in house and grilled to order.
Sirloin 300g  90
chalmar beef, aged in house and grilled to order.
Ribeye 280g    125
chalmar beef, aged in house and grilled to order.
Venison fillet 200g  115
grilled with chimichurri sauce.
 Sticky pork spare rib     90
Cooked in homemade liquor until tender then grilled with sticky basting.
add any of the following to your meal or make a meal of it…
 prawn 16/20   16.50 ea
 large size langoustine  MP
 large west coast crayfish  195 ea

the sides
hand cut chips  15
boegoe baby carrots  25
baby leave, red onion and cherry tomato salad/ minted baby potatoes   25
sautéed baby spinach/ sautéed mushrooms/ buttery fine beans     25
hand cut chips with bacon bits and mozzarella    25
tender stem broccoli with garlic and ginger    25
the sauces  20ea 
wild mushroom sauce 
mixed herb pesto 

to end your meal
South African cheese board  65
Mature cheddar, blue cheese, camembert and mild goat cheese with home baked bread.
homemade waffle  40
mixed berries, golden syrup and pistachio ice cream.
chocolate and nuts brownie  40
served with vanilla ice cream.
Banana split  40
Banana, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, mixed berry coulis,
whipped cream, toasted almonds and dark chocolate sauce.
manna panna cotta  35
Served with berries
crème brulée   40
traditional vanilla baked custard with caramelised topping.
from the white table  35
selection of freshly baked cakes available.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

From 8h00 to 17h00
our selection of homemade bread: coconut bread, rye, country, pecan nut & raisin or ciabatta
croissants plain / a selection of our freshly baked breads                    35
served with butter & fruit preserves.  
muesli and nuts   60
served with seasonal fruits, natural yoghurt or soya milk.
fresh fruit platter                      45
Selection of seasonal fruits.
homemade waffle         40
Golden syrup, bacon and whipped cream
Golden syrup, fresh berries and whipped cream.
french toast croissant 65
served with streaky bacon and maple syrup on the side.
continental breakfast 80
Croissant, selection of cold meat and cheese and toast of your choice.
2 free range eggs any style on toast 25
add bacon/cheese 10 ea
on croissant 10
the classic                 50
2 free range eggs, 3 slices of streaky bacon, pork sausage, sautéed mushrooms baked beans
and manna toast.
coconut breakfast 80
2 eggs any syle, smoked salmon trout & avocado on coconut bread.
3 eggs/egg white omelette with freshly baked slice of bread 30
add bacon/cheese/mushrooms/tomato 10ea
free range eggs benedict 65
on croissant, hollandaise and streaky bacon
free range eggs florentine 95
on croissant, spinach, smoked salmon trout and hollandaise sauce
manna comfort cup 55
free range egg, sautéed baby potatoes, red onions mushrooms, streaky bacon
& cherry tomatoes.
breakfast wrap 65
Scrambled eggs, tomato, mozzarella and bacon.
if you’d like to add
avocado slices (outr of season) 25
tomatoes, fresh or grilled 15
streaky bacon 15
2 free range eggs/ mushrooms 20 ea
parma ham/ free range chicken 35 ea
smoked salmon trout 45g 45
endive salad 85
endives, rooibos and honey poached pear and walnuts in a blue cheese dressing.
salad niçoise
with Salmon trout fillet 90
                                                                          with quail breast 95                                                                              
green beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, anchovy fillet, soft poached egg & red onion in a french vinaigrette.
                       caesar salad with croutons and parmesan shavings    45                     
with chicken/parma ham/streaky bacon/prawns    35 ea
with poached egg 10
with quail breast 35
seafood salad 95
langoustine, smoked salmon trout, prawn, mussels, grilled calamari, cherry tomatoes and baby leaves.
caprese salad 70
tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze.
epicure beef burger 65
pure beef patty, served with classic garnish in a homemade bun with chips or salad.
die sitrus chicken burger 70
grilled breast topped with fresh avocado, served with chips or salad.
fish burger 80
pan roasted fish fillet of the day, served in homemade ciabatta bun with all the trimmings and chips or salad.
add on
mozzarella, streaky bacon, free range egg 10 ea
Avocado (out of season) 25
open sandwiches, wraps and pita
sandwiches are served on your choice of our freshly baked manna bread;
90% rye, sour dough, ciabatta or pecan nut & raisin rye.
Salmon sandwich 85
smoked salmon , cucumber, cream cheese, tomato and wild rocket leaves .
caprese sandwich 70
tomato & buffalo mozzarella with basil, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic.
caesar sandwich 80
 with chicken breast, parmesan shavings, cos lettuce & creamy dressing
Mediterranean sandwich
Chorizo, Parma ham, coppa and chalmar beef slices, layered with pickles, jalapeño, rocket leave and parmesan cheese salad on homemade ciabatta bread.
beef wrap 85
chalmar beef, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, spanish onions, buffalo mozzarella in
pesto dressing.
salmon wrap 90
dill sour cream base, smoked salmon trout, spanish onions, rocket leaves, shaved cucumber in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing.
Beef pita 70
Greek style pita filled with slices of chalmar beef souvlaki and tsaziki sauce.
comfort food
mediterranean meat platter 110
selection of cured meat, parmesan, mature cheddar, mild goat cheese, blue cheese,
pickles, purple fig, baby leaves and toasted ciabatta bread.
steak frites 85
chalmar sirloin steak, served with hollandaise sauce and chips
Fillet of beef 125
Chalmar beef fillet grilled to your taste with chimmichurri basting and chips or salad
sticky pork spare ribs 100
served with chips or salad.
homemade tartlet baked to order (v) 70 ,
mushrooms, caramelised onions and parmesan cheese, served with baby leaves salad.
pan roasted fish of the day 95
ask your waiter about the flavour of the day.
panko crusted patagonian calamari 85
chimmichurri mayo with salad or hand cut chips.
Moules frites 95
Shelled mussels cooked in white wine, shallots and parsley, served with chips.
Add any of the following to your meal or make a meal of it…
prawn 16/20 16.50 ea
large size langoustine MP
West coast crayfish 650g 195 ea
sides & sauces
hand cut chips 15
boegoe baby carrots 25
baby leave, red onion and cherry tomato salad/ minted baby potatoes 25
sautéed baby spinach/ sautéed mushrooms/ buttery fine beans 25
hand cut chips with bacon bits and mozzarella 25
tender stem broccoli with garlic and ginger 25
Béarnaise, peppercorn or wild mushroom sauce 20
the sweet temptation
chocolate and nut brownie 40
with vanilla ice cream.
traditional vanilla crème brulée 40
vanilla baked custard with caramelised topping.
manna panna cotta 35
Served with berries
Homemade waffle 40
Warm and crispy, topped with fresh berries, homemade whipped cream
and golden syrup
Banana split 40
Fresh banana, vanilla & chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, dark chocolate sauce
 and toasted almonds
from the white table 35
selection of cakes available

Manna Epicure Restaurant
151 Kloof Street

Cape Town

tel: 021 426 2413
Twitter: @Mannaepicure